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The charm of the Marble Oakland lit kitchen space
Time: 2013-03-27 13:30:09     Copyfrom: marble Oakland,Kitchen cabinet Oakland

Marble Oakland design a customer need narrow and long, small kitchen, with wallpaper decorating the kitchen the far wall, blue flower pattern, very good echo the dark blue integral ambry, the center of yellow wallpaper, and happened to echo the golden cabinet handle, a piece of wallpaper decoration gently, let the charm of the whole kitchen space lighting. Marble Oakland for the choice of lightness of kitchen furniture colour, should choose those who are able to raise indoor intensity of illumination, guarantee the daylighting and healthful colour lightness. Whether it is kitchen environment size, use the color with taller lightness commonly, lightness of taller kitchen furniture colour can behave environment lively, neat healthful characteristic. At the same time, the higher the colour lightness can effectively adjust indoor light. Taller lightness, appear relatively clean colour more pure blue, yellow and all sorts of taller lightness of pale blue, reddish, flaxen department. And lightness differentiates low gray is hard to clean, the colour with most inferior lightness appears heavier, dirtier. Marble Oakland kitchen decoration.