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The superiority of Marble Oakland microcrystalline
Time: 2013-03-25 13:40:15     Copyfrom: marble Oakland,Kitchen cabinet Oakland

Marble Oakland microlite as the second generation of artificial stone, compared with natural stone material has many advantages. Microlite is similar to granite forming conditions of high temperature condition, through the special process of sintering, uniform texture, density, high hardness, compressive, flexural, impact resistance and other performance is superior to the natural stone material, durable, not easy damaged, less common finely crack of natural stone. Marble Oakland microlite both microcrystalline structure and glass matrix structure, good alkali resistance, good weather resistance, fine texture, board face, beautiful diffuse reflection of light diffusion effect is good. Microcrystalline craft, can produce arc plate as required, at the same time, can make up for the defect of natural stone color again. But price is higher than ordinary natural stone, Marble Oakland of stone transcendental luster and the superiority of modelling makes it the most public construction projects to choose.