Superior Home Specialists, located in the beautiful city of Oakland, is engaged in the design and production of various cabinets, bath cabinets, stone countertops, basins, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, and floors designed stylishly with natural grain, smooth surface, beautiful shape, high quality and lofty cultural taste.

Standing out in the intensely competitive market of the industry with a high visibility and influence all over the country, we have constantly made repeated efforts to improve product quality, introduce new design concept and expand market share.

We have been upholding the values of "Equipment Modernization, Quality Optimization, Price Rationalization and Service Integration" to meet the needs of people at different levels. If you choose our high-quality products and services, we believe that you will enjoy high-level functions and unique aesthetic feeling to the acme.

Welcome to visit and offer guidance, we are glad to be here of service. In accordance with your situation and requirements, we can recommend or design your tailored products to create a more beautiful and comfortable home for you!

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